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John Neipp Photography
Klamath Falls, Oregon

My Background-
I am proud to be a third generation resident of Klamath Falls, Oregon. I graduated from Mazama High School and Oregon Institute of Technology. For many years I indulged in building hotrods, car showing and drag racing until an unfortunate crash at the race track in 1990. Upon examining the remains of my race truck, and amazed that I was still alive, my father said "there must be bigger plans for you". Sharing my photography has been my main focus ever since!

My Passion-
Photography is my avenue of escape from all the stuff that life throws my way. A dawn to dusk October day filled with fall foliage and blue skies is my photo heaven! My favorite subjects are the Oregon Coast, Eastern Oregon, the Cascade Mountains, and for the last 2 years Oregon Waterfalls. People assume that all photographers are world travelers but I have yet to run out of beautiful places in Oregon.

My Mission-
For 20 years I have provided my customers with high quality affordable art for their homes and businesses. All my photos smaller than 20 x 30 are real photographs processed at K & K Color Lab in Portland, Oregon. The larger canvas prints are printed locally on an Epson 9800 and are sprayed with a clear coat to protect against ultra violet damage. I don't participate in a lot of photoshop manipulation for special effects or to add and subtract content to make bad photos look good. I pride myself in knowing that someone can visit the places I have been and enjoy the views that I have captured.

Thank you for letting me share a slice of my life with you!

John Neipp

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